Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alfalfa Benefits: There Are More Than You Might Think!

Many people have heard that there are some health related alfalfa benefits. What many probably do not realize is how many such benefits exist. From helping with digestive problems to aiding in lowering cholesterol, this is one potent little plant. Read below for a brief description of a few possible alfalfa benefits.

Digestive System
Alfalfa benefits the digestive system in several ways. For those who seem to have less of an appetite than is healthy, it can be an appetite stimulator.  Alfalfa also contains enzymes which can help the body absorb and digest food more easily.

If you have a problem with water retention, alfalfa may be able to help with that as well as the plant is thought to be somewhat of a diuretic.

Infection Protection
Alfalfa contains a substance which some say can help protect you against certain bacterial infections.

Cholesterol Aid
While some of the potential alfalfa benefits are not yet backed by clinical studies, this one has been tested and the results were quite impressive.

In studies, it was shown that alfalfa not only lowers the overall cholesterol, but that it seems to target the bad cholesterol while having no affect on HDL, or good cholesterol.

This is exciting news especially for those with Type II hyperlipoproteinemia as the alfalfa seemed to have a more profound impact on that type of elevated cholesterol.

Kidney Stones

Some have found that the benefits of alfalfa include aiding in getting rid of kidney stones.
It is important to note that while alfalfa may help with the above conditions, all can cause serious complications if not treated. For that reason, you should still visit your doctor and follow all of his advice regarding any medical condition. Alfalfa can be used alongside the doctor’s directives, but you should still get his OK before taking any type of supplements, including alfalfa.

The reason that alfalfa benefits those who take it in so many ways is due to the many vitamins and minerals that are found in the plant.

Vitamin A
Helps with eye health, infection protection and skin health.

 Vitamin K
Helps with liver issues.

 Vitamin D
Helps ensure strong bones.

Vitamin E
Helps with heart and muscle health and can boost the body’s immune functions.

Helps to keep bones strong.
Other minerals found in alfalfa include phosphorus, iron, manganese, sodium and chlorine.


Dan ini dia Shaklee Alfalfa yang dikenali sebagai "raja segala tumbuhan"..Ianya bukan sahaja bagus untuk ibu-ibu menyusu, malah sesuai untuk mereka yang menitik beratkan kesihatan mereka (namun alfalfa tidak boleh diambil oleh pesakit SLE, consult your doctor before taking it occay..)...nway, Alfalfa ni laris macam goreng pisang panas bukan hanya kerana manfaatnya tetapi kerana 'harga istimewa' yang saya berikan, just for you ~ My Lovely Customer..(^_^)

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