Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pengalaman Erra bersama Shaklee: ESP dan PD

Jom baca pengalaman erra setelah hampir 2 bulan lebih consume supplemen Shaklee..bermula dgn trial pek -set breastfeed dan set resdung for her hubby plus ESP..kemudian mengambil full pek utk set2 ni.. dan kemudian mencuba Performance drink..omega..vitamin E..mealshakee.... sah dia mmg dah jatuh cinta dgn shaklee..hehe...sebelum ni saya pernah share testimoni erra..tapi kalini nak share pengalamannya dengan dua faveret powder drink ni.. ESP dan Performance Drink..jom baca pengalaman Erra...copy from her blog
"......My first thoughts on protein powder was, it was only for individuals who are involved in weight training. But in the reality, it is among the many good options for health drinks. At home, I tried to stay away from caffeinated drinks by changing my options to hot cocoa with fresh milk, black tea to herbal teas or fruit infusion teas, and organic oatmilk either Pink Lady or Oates Cocoa , both by Biogreen.
I did mini research on breastfeeding diet, and after a few series of post natal treatment, the doctor and midwives suggest me to take supplements.It was important to keep on eating healthily, (just continue the good diet during pregnancy when you’re lactating) because lactating mothers need to get all the good nutrients for themselves and send the good signal to the body to be producing enough milk supply to the baby so they will get the best too.
Firstly, I an underweight, and just too skinny to begin with. I remember when mak bidan came to my house during pantang, she said,“Adoi, kering benor ko ni. Aku tengok bibik ko lagi semangat. Mak budak nak menyusu kena la makan lebih sikit..”So that’s about it. I began my quest hunting for the best supplement in the market. I can tell you I tried many, from pharmacies, by doctor’s prescription, you name it. And finally I found this brand and the result is admirable.
First, I tried this ;
Energizing Soy Protein. It can be mixed with your favourite drinks, milk or juice, but it was best for smoothies. I love to mix this with Banana, Strawberry and some dates, this is just perfect meal to wake up for. Because it soy based, it helps a lot during lactating. What I noticed was the changes in my skin too, become more moist and radiant, my baby also had improved her skin conditions a lot, ( dah berketul2 badan dia!), fairer, and I could focus more on my work, especially when I need to write or synergize ideas for presentations.
I was amazed how it does to my energy levels and general health, and as I read others who consume this product also stick to this for the longest time.
Other than that, I keep Perfomance Drink and drink it sparingly when I really tired or dehydrated. It was really great after workout too. I noticed when I took this after aerobics and then drive home, it was a long drive, I did not feel sleepy at all. Normally I would exercise like crazy and suddenly went weak or sleepy afterwards. So, this is another star product you could keep. Great athletes used this too.
I did purchase the vitamins too. I am waiting for OmegaGuard ( the fish oil) and Vitamin E for the new addition to B-Complex, Vit CVitalea and Alfalfa Complex. It might sound too many for a single dosage, but you need to keep a timetable so you don’t have to take it daily.
Taking the vitamins also provide good changes. The bowel movement gets better ( speaking for the point of view of recently delivered babies, you can imagine how tough to go through pregnancy with bowel movement problems) I wish I should have took this sooner. It’s highly concentrated, it provides you additional nutrients equivalent to taking fresh vegetables and fruits, which I like!
Thanks Erra kerana mempercayai supplemen ni ..sesungguhnya ianya ikhtiar kita dalam menjaga kesihatan kurniaan dari Allah Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang..
Lots of Love..


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