Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Testimoni Set B + ESP

Beliau adalah kenalan internet ibu... seorang ibu yang kuat semangat untuk terus menyusukan anaknya waluapun anaknya kini tidak menyusu secara terus (direct feeding). Anaknya belum pun berusia satu tahun maka inilah yang menjadikan beliau kuat semangat untuk terus menyusukan anaknya walaupun terpaksa mengepam dengan konsisten. Inilah hasilnya.....

Alhamdulilah, every pumping session has given consistent amounts.

It’s been one week since I’ve tried the Shaklee products and alhamdulilah, throughout the week I find myself more confident to face Ramadhan with Shaklee to back me up (and of course 3 L gallons of water to stir things up. haha. gettit? stir. no? ehem. MIND THE PUN :P

This question might popped in some of youse: Why am I so gungho in promoting Shaklee? Am I getting commission out of it?

The answer is no :)

I am not a member of Shaklee, hence I do not get anything out of promoting this product except a rise in blog hits. But that’s much about it.

I am promoting Shaklee because it works. I’ve tried it, recorded the results and find myself agreeing to all the testimonials i’ve read on Kak N ‘s blog and Kak Lyna’s blog. It really does work!

The quality of my milk has improved and Aiman is satisfied with his milk.

He used to consume 5-6oz per session, now he’s content with 4.5oz.Previously it’s hard for him to drink 20oz perday, but now he drinks more frequently and he’s often full by the end of the bottle. We have to change his diapers more often but that’s all good to me. A full diaper is a happy baby.

Happy baby equals happy ummi.

Happy ummi produces more milk! Hurrah! Now isn’t that a vaannndeerffuull equation? They don’t teach that sort of maths in school.

His poopies are even more meriah now. Before he only poops once every two days, and sometimes quite karas. Now consistently every day and they are licak. Previously they would be licak if he had lentils plus mix vegies for dinner. Now, lentils or no lentils, its soft. Again, I happy.

I don’t feel tired nor lethargic. Quite energised and hydrated throughout the day. In fact Im not the only one energised, Aiman seems more hyper than normal. Tecnhically I should feel tired by just chasing him around but i don’t.


My body has also adjusted itself to the whole 3 gallon L of water I have to drink daily. If I only manage to drink 2 L or less, I’d feel very dehydrated and my throat feels so dry. And when that happens, production pun kurang. (This is a control test, I did this on purpose just to see what would happen.)

Another thing to note is that my ‘girls’ (he-he-he. malu ku kan type b****t when referring to myself) feel full all the time. Even after pumping. And they are engorge (not in a painful way) right on time. Like every 3 hours.
Quite often when mothers complain that Shaklee didn’t work for them because most probably they didn’t do one of these three things or all three:

1. Drink 3 L of water
2. Consistent pumping
3. Doa

Most important out of all that three is DOA. I can’t emphasise more on how absolutely critical it is for a mother to doa that Allah (SWT) would help her in maintaining her supply.

Shaklee is our USAHA.

It is not Shaklee yang tolong tani, tapi Allah (SWT) yang tolong tani. Shaklee is just a weapon.

Allah (SWT) suruh tani berusaha dengan bersungguh-sungguh, the end result has already been determine by Allah (SWT). What is important is what you have done to work towards in putting your trust and faith in Allah (SWT).


I’ve read some statuses on FB yg breastfeeding ani is tiring, leceh, menyusahkan at times, etc. Bukan all the time, tapi some of the time saja, they would say. Most of the time they enjoy bfing. Tapi sometimes it gets tiring.

Istigfar, I tell you. Istigfar. There are thousands of mummies out there yang would trade places (breasts) with you in an instant! Because they are unable to breastfeed for many reasons. Allah (SWT) gives you that opportunity, you dont complain! Not even once!

Sekali mengeluh boleh menolak seribu nikmat Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) gives YOU that experience for FREE. Nda payah bebayar pada Allah (SWT). Infact, Allah (SWT) pays YOU everytime you feed your child. Setitik air susu di telan anak, dosa di hapuskan.

Please mummies, istigfar. Jangan mengeluh, walaupun sekali. Jangan. Takut Allah (SWT) akan menarik balik nikmat ani. Takutlah.

Then ada yang mau quick-fixs on maintaining their supply throughout Ramadhan, tapi MALAS kan berusaha bila di suruh makan itu, makan ini, minum ani, etc.

Mau kan menyusukan, tapi malas kan usaha? Do you think air susu akan melimpah ruah tanpa usaha? Harapkan doa saja?

Istigfar, i tell you. Istigfar.

Doa is NOT enough. It’s not. If its enough, napa Allah (SWT) nda kembalikan bumi Palestine kepada orang-orang Palestine? Napa? Nda kan tani sudah berdoa? tani solat hajat lagi? Nda kan Allah (SWT) nda mendengar doa billions of Muslims asking for peace in Palestine?

Nda ja?

Doa is NOT enough. Usaha di iringi oleh doa, itulah sepatutnya di buat oleh seorang Ummi yang Mukminah.

InsyaAllah, semua ibu-ibu yang membaca adalah ibu-ibu yang beriman pada Allah (SWT) dan pada Rasul Nya. Ameen ameen.


Ehem. Again :) I don’t get anything out of promoting Shaklee. But I honestly feel that good stuff like these should be shared. Sama-sama tani berusaha, sama-sama tani happy, sama-sama anak tani kanyang, sama-sama tani beribadah pada Allah (SWT). kan senang hidup bahagia sama-sama?
Aku bersyukur padaMu ya Allah...semoga Allah memberi nikmat ibu kepada semua ibu yang berusaha untuk menyusukan anak mereka dengan susuibu.

Lots of Love..


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