Friday, April 8, 2011

..when dealing at the counter..

Am not good in dealing with people at counter.  Or shall I say it am just fair enough when dealing with people at counter.  I prefer to do all the process i.e.: renewal license, renewal road tax, pay the bills etc etc online.  Just a few clicks will give it a go.  My driving license is due today and I just realized it on Wednesday. I know that there is Myeg where you can renew your road tax and license online.  But, the process is quite time consuming whereby you need to submit a form through fax and the process will take about 2 days.  Apart from that, you cannot pay with your online banking directly because they have their so-called 'myeg debit' when you want to pay fees. And then, your license, which has been renew will be posted to you which will be taking 2 more days.  So, comparing when you go the post office where you can directly pay the fee at the counter and get your license on the spot which I guess it will only take 10~15minutes! (Except if there are more people queuing, you have to spend more time at the post office, obviously!).

As for my case, I went to the post office early in the morning (well, when I say early it was 8am) and the counter not even open yet. The message hanging on the door says "Kaunter Dibuka 8.30pg ~ 5.30ptg".  Yup I was early as to avoid queues.  So, after waited few minutes, the door open and I was the sixth person.  Here is the conversation at the counter,

Me: Assalamualaikum puan, saya nak renew license.
Che Puan Kaunter: Setahun RM30.  Nak renew berapa lama? (without answering my salam).
Me: 3 tahun.
Che Puan Kaunter: 92 ringgit.
Me: Kenapa 92 ringgit? (curious)
Che Puan Kaunter: 2 ringgit komisen.
Me: Owwwhhh... 

You know what, there was this lady before me renewing her license too at the beside counter but the that Encik Kaunter didn't took any commission 'cos I heard that lady too renew her license for 3 years period, paid with RM100, and the Encik Kaunter gave back RM10 to her.  I was wondering for who do the commissions actually to?

The Che Puan Kaunter start the process of her work while having a little chat with her colleague.  After few minutes, she suddenly said;

Che Puan Kaunter: Alamak dik! Sorry. Saya tersilap key-in data. Nak buat 3 tahun tapi saya  tertaip setahun.
Me: (Shocked). Owh ok, takpe..
Che Puan Kaunter: Nanti saya buat balik yea..
Me: Ok.

Then, she starts the whole process again and I have to wait another 10 minutes.  That's the problem when you people were talking while doing your work.  If you're competent enough you will be detail and oriented when doing the process 'cos you know there is the data you need to key-in.  But for me, she is still human being which did mistakes and that could be happen to anyone including me.  I went off after I got my license with saying thank you.

To be honest, me too is fair enough when dealing with people at counter because I didn't do that since I'm married.  Road tax renewals, all the bills and etc etc are done by Mr Hubby even he does it online.  Thanks to him who is so understands that his wife is too busy with her little Irfan which have no time to sit in front of the lappie when at home.  For me the most important thing when you're at counter are the grooming, the language and of course you smile.  Your smile can actually make people's day.


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