Friday, April 22, 2011 ensure that he wont't be a vegan..

Still remember in my previous entry that we try to switch Irfan’s formula milk? Well, he didn’t like it at all.  We gave him a few times but he refused to drink it, well, he tried drinking it for 1~2 sucks and then he put the bottle away. I know it is hard to suddenly switching his milk, at his age, where he already knew what he wants and what’s not, he can differentiate the tastes and choose what taste he prefers. He understands everything (almost) and that make us more difficult to convince him.  I know there this table when you want to switch formula milk but he refused to take it AT ALL TIME.  So, we decided to give him a try the taste of fresh milk, eat chocolates, cakes, buns etc etc.. After few times giving him try, he can eat most chocolates (means that he likes the tastes), cakes, buns and biscuits.  However he still refused to take some amount of fresh milk.  I believe he doesn’t like the taste ‘cos there is a far different between cow’s milk and soy’s milk taste.  I don’t want him to grown up and be a vegan. NO and NEVER pls! and after few tries, we discover that he is NOT allergy to cow’s milk or having the lactose intolerance BUT he is actually allergic to nuts! We gave him one time a brand of biscuit that contains cow’s milk, butter and nuts and he starts coughing immediately after he finished eating (coughing is one of the symptom if he is allergy to certain foods). But luckily it didn’t prolong ‘cos we gave him Ventolin. It settled faster than before. Then, one time we gave him KitKat and he didn’t coughing AT ALL.  So, we make a comparison between the ingredients in the biscuits and the KitKat.  The biscuits contain peanut traces and no peanut traces in KitKat.  I believe most of biscuits in the market contain peanut traces so Irfan will take a longer time to suit that.

Am a bit relieved about it.  We can now give him the chocolates (with no traces of nuts) and chocolate cakes.  I hope that even so he is allergic to nuts, this will not leading him to G6PD.  I hope that it will settle later when he grown up.  Hopefully.. InshaALLAH… I will put an effort to take care of him as to ensure that he will not grow up as a vegan.



Salam kunjungan.. singgah la ke blog saya ;)

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