Sunday, April 3, 2011

..ending up the intolerance..

I've been thinking A LOT of switching Irfan's formula milk. He'd been consuming ISOMIL by Abott Nutrition for the past 2 years. It started when he was 6 months old, he'd facing a problem when consuming cow's milk brands. No rashes but the wheezing sound which keep develop thru months! We went to a Paed, and he suggested to try Novalac. AlhamduLILLAH, he gets better until he reached the age of 1year old, the problem started again. Again we went to the Paed, and the Dr told us to that Irfan might be facing with lactose intolerance or allergic to cow's milk protein. Fyi, Irfan at that time cannot take egg or even worse half-boiled egg. My auntie once said, he may be facing with protein problem which his stomach cannot digest properly.  So, we continue the Isomil until now. The problem with Isomil is that he can easily get fever, flu and cough. At that time I was already suspected that he cannot consume Isomil anymore in which soy's milk have no enough good bacterias for baby's development compare to others cow's milk brand. Apart from that, he is still facing the wheezing sound problem and even worse he got admitted twice within a month due to bronchitis problem. My mom keep triggered me that we might have to look for another brand of his formula milk, but, am not sure what I did at that moment.  Until last week, we keep browsing the internet, asked the most intelligent Prof Google on lactose-free milk or non-fat cow's milk, make a comparison on each brands in the market and we end up to try on S-26 or Novalac.  After all of the study we've did, we made a decision to try those two brands first.

Am not sure whether those two brands are the best for him. But we will never know until we try it, right? No. Am not a typical mom where she does an experiment to her child on switching formula milk randomly. For me that is so "no brains" mom. Anyway, I have to try it first and observe him if there is any rashes, diarrhea or wheezing sound comes out.  Hopefully he will be fine. After all he is almost 3 years old and I believe his stomach can digests better than before and hope this will ending up the intolerance...


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