Sunday, March 13, 2011 Best Friend's Wedding..

the reason why i called it "my Best Friend's wedding" not because am the wedding planner (as Julia Roberts acted in My Best Friend's Wedding..) but because he is OUR best friend back in Glasgow..even though it was one year knowing him ('cos he did the taught course), he made a good relationship with all people around him. And he really made a good relationship with US (me and Iykin) 'cos we were the so-called savior for his empty stomach..! ha ha ha..!! Anyway  here are some photos captured during the wedding.. we came a little bit late 'cos my beloved Mr Hubby had an on-call that need to be settled in before evening..

me, Bayani, Irfan, Mr Hubby and Irfan..(hehe..)

Iykin, the couple and her Mr Hubby..

So, that's it. Finally all of the "BOD" members (u know who u are) are married. Even though Irfan was the last person to get married, it does complete us. I wonder when's on earth we will be having our reunion...hmmm..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

..missing him.. I miss Irfan badly at this moment. I wish I could spend more time with him, watching his every firsts, talk to him, listen to his songs, watch his favorites movies with him.. and an EVERYTHING with him.  Am afraid that I might be losing his loves towards his teachers at nursery. Does that sound normal? to a working mom like me? Owh Irfan, I wish you could know how MUCH I love you .. forever..!  I love you, baby when you start talking even though your pronunciation sometimes loose here and there, but still I want to hear it.  And it's like a surprise to me when I have to guess what's the word and sentences come out from your little cute mouth everyday...

Irfan, I wish you're strong like me.. InshaALLAH...
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