Wednesday, January 19, 2011

..root canal surgery..

i had undergone a root canal surgery yesterday. i was scary at first 'cos it was my first time. the story begun in the past 3 years ago. that time i was pregnant of Irfan. i suffered of bad root canal fever but however the dentist can't do much since i was pregnant. so, he asked me to go for a surgery after i delivered. since delivered, i kept postponing to do the surgery until last week i kept having bad headache. i went for a doctor and she said i've got migraine. i was like .."biar betul. aku migraine.. dah lama tak kena..". so, i started my investigation on what's went wrong with myself 'cos i believe it was SO NOT migraine. then one day i was like triggering to have a look at my root canal. yes! it was badly injured and the enamel was broken! i became panic and all i wanted to do is the root canal surgery. i believe it's going be SO painful and that's why i look for Kak Lin (Mr Hubby's cousin).

the reason why i look for Kak Lin is because she is my hubby's cousin and i feel confident and comfort when treated by one of our family member. i believe it's not going to be SO painful, and when u are treated by family member, they will look after you in top condition (well, compare to normal dentist at government hospitals, clinics etc...). the second reason is her clinic service was tip top. all are equipped with new technology and her hospitality was awesome. the best part was when they wanted to start the treatment and surgery, she gave me this earphone to get rid with all the scary-dental-surgery-conversation plus a Ray Ban to avoid the light get through my eyes directly. well, the light was SO bright and it was meant only for the dentist to do their work.

the surgery went over an hour and Kak Lin kept calming myself 'cos i told her this is my first time. i believe that was the softest dental surgery and treatment ever. hehe. and it's not swelling badly. AlhamduLILLAH. and many thanks to Kak Lin. next Tuesday i have an appointment to take off the stitches..

anyway, for those who are suffering of root canal fever or need any dental treatment with a good service i reckon Iman Dental Care at Seksyen 7, Bandar Baru Bangi.

no, am not paid to do this compliment. :)


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