Thursday, December 30, 2010


This might be my final entry before 2011 (well, it is final anyway!). I feel great today most probably due to below reasons:

1. Malaysia Team won over Indonesia last night (finally!). Even though am not that crazy-maniac-football fan, however, congratulations to our team! And it doubles up the great feeling when PM announced that tomorrow is our PH. he he he.. what a release..

2. Opened up SSPN's account for Irfan. I think I should do that since his born, but, it doesn't matter as long as we're already started saving for him. Consistency is important in whatever you're doing. Even though it might not be a huge amount saving monthly, but I will be consistent in doing so.

3. I have a target for 2011 whereby am going to complete my SHO Exam by end of Jun 2011. I first wanted to continue the Paper II and III in October but due to circumstances beyond my control (of course those auditors really annoyed my study time) I have to postpone it to next coming Feb. Hope to perform and do well in those Papers. InshaALLAH.

4. Lastly, there will be new KPI setting. Nahh, I don't wanna talk about it.

Yes. The title said "quickie" so I will end this up.

Hope to blog for following year and for all bloggers who hit me, thanks! And do keep visit me 'cos am appreciate yours' more than you know.



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

tantrums and my wish list

last night Irfan threw his ugly tantrums in the middle of the night. he'd been pushing me to let him sleep at downstairs whereas we are usually sleep in our master bedroom. at first i thought it's going to be OK and not last longer. i let him expressed out his feelings for a while, however, his tantrums got worsen. my husband ask me not to calm him down or he will get worst. so we let him be (which i feel sorry for him and only ALLAH knows how deep my heart is crying to hug him and comfort him..). In my heart I pray for ALLAH Merciful and Forgiveness and hope that HE will calms Irfan's heart and listen to us. Finally, after half-an-hour it settled and he climb up his bed, start lying down and fall asleep (dlm keadaan teresak-esak tu..). Owh yes, it really needs a loads of energy and hard work to throw a tantrums. Pity him but in that way we taught him not everything you want in this world you will get. I kissed him softly and went to bed too...

anyway, i've been thinking of list down my wish-list. but in order to do that I first must prioritize my most-craving-wish. you see, am really excited about this. it's only the beginning stage but my excitement is look like when Irfan's first learn teething. he he.. below are my wish list:

1. A house @enstek
2. Tupperware
3. Irfan's basic needs (owh..he's getting taller now..!)
4. Traveling (yes! yes! yes!)

btw, am going to packing up our stuff today or latest tomorrow for our weekend traveling. next year or next month (to be specific) is approaching soon, and yet am going to plan for our weekend traveling again. am sure it's going to be the best weekend and it will be..!

ps: do the title related to each other..? i wonder who cares..?

Friday, December 17, 2010


owh yeahh... Irfan had a very high fever last Monday due to exposure during raining. when i asked him where does he feel the most painful, he will directly point to his forehead. obviously we will know that he's having headache. he didn't took his meal, no playing with toys, no talking just lied down the whole day and night. i feel sorry for him but all i can do is ask him to take his medicine and he took it. AlhamduLILLAH within a day he recovered and started being talkative (i guess he inherited that from me..hehe..) , played with his toys and keep watching movie "Cars" within 3 hours directly! as for myself being bored and keep accompany him on whatever he did until I can memorized the script of the movie...!! hehe.. i tell u, am not sure how many times we ran that movie on a day.. i enjoy his talking even though i can't understand some of the sentences came out from his mouth. he try to repeat back what i said to him and he managed to get every words correctly. AlhamduLILLAH.. am so proud of u, my dear boy...

as for work (well, when on the earth that would end, anyway..?) am tight with preparation of ISO an d TS re-certification audit mid of Jan next year. am done with EMS in October (re-cert too) and we did well. however, for automotive it's kind of critical and super stringent 'cos we're not only have to comply with the standard itself but with the requirements and rules from IATF. and happens to be members of the IATF are all those Big 3s (America) and Big 9s (Europe) group. our customers are inclusive in the Big3s and Big9s.. huh..! what can i say is, it would be standard-IATF-customer re-certification audit..! (masaklar akuu...!)...

anyway, hope i did well too, 'cos all these will be included in my appraisal, obviously. and i know those Japs will give me more if they satisfy with my KPI achievements... u know what, those Japs really appreciate you if you work well and follow their instructions compare to those Americans (which i experienced before)... the more harder u work the more they (Japs) appreciate you...
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