Friday, November 12, 2010


AlhamduLILLAH..even though it's been very super bz bee week, am still manage to get everything done on time. As for Irfan he' getting taller, wiser, cheeky and pampered. But I think that's normal for my son 'cos we go to work daily (except on weekends) and left him at the nursery until 6pm (which make me feel sorry for him). But AlhamduLILLAH he get to used to it and his friends there.

Irfan has learnt to pronounce few sentences at a time. That day, suprisingly he said " what's that?" and am all shocked thought it wasn't from Irfan, but yes, he did said it to me. The sentence that he will said daily is "Ayah belakar..(kelakar)" and of course the most beautiful words that come out from his mouth daily are "Ayah, Ummi and ALLAH". AlhamduLILLAH, however, we drop the word "ibu" since he couldn't pronounce it (hope he will do one day) and change it to Ummi.

Anyway, I get an invitation from NIOSH to be their Auditor. So, tomorrow I will go for the induction course to understand all their procedures and dos and don'ts being the NIOSH's Auditor. Long I have wait for this time to come and finally it is. One paper down of the SHO exam, 3 more to go. Hope ALLAH will give me HIS will to passed all the papers.. InshALLAH..


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