Saturday, October 23, 2010

..pre-bufday wishes for Muhammad Irfan Iskandar...

irfan at SMS's wedding

irfan at playground

well, it's a pre-bufday wishes for Muhammad Irfan Iskandar..! he will be 2 years old on this coming 25th October...AlhamduLILLAH..I don't know what else to say except Happy Birthday my lovely-pampered-smart boy..Ibu loves you SOOO MUCHHH..!! and am very proud of you since the first day you were born...

Afterall those hurdles, (well, Irfan been hospitalised twice within a month due to pneumonia..and that's answering why am not updating this blog..), change nursery (thrice..!) and finally Irfan survived at this stage with all his patience and strength as well as doa from Ibu..(InshaALLAH).

Nothing much am hoping from you my dear Irfan... Semoga ALLAH melimpahkan rahmatNYA walau dimana jua diatas muka bumi ini untuk anakku, Muhammad Irfan Iskandar..InshaALLAH..

Selamar Hari Lahir yang ke-2 tahun..! Ibu and Ayah love you SOOO MUCHHHH...!

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