Saturday, August 21, 2010

..Irfan's progress...

It's been 11 days since we fast. How's yours? Ours have been great so far. AlhamduLILLAH. even though I know it is hard for my dear Mr Hubby, but anyhow I try my best to keep him accompany and not to feel so sad..(Only ALLAH knows how does he feels..). Nothing much happened except that Irfan has been doing VERY great and made a quick improving so far. He can does anything if we ask him to do so, except that he is still trying to arrange his words and sentences day by day. He already can pronounced Ayah (well, Ibu is a little bit harder, but we'll try that later..hehe..), pokok, kuda, dog, car, cat, susu, Lia (his friend name back at nursery..mesti gugurl punya nama jugak yg dia sebut..), kuih and teacher. Sometime you will heard his 'magic' word like "kelakar", "cuti" (ini dia kata ayah dia cuti..), "nak dukung" and "ronda"...He also understand if we gave him simple order and knows what to do when I told him to "put it on the table", "put it in the bin", "sit down", "careful", "mind your head", "put it back" and many more. AlhamduLILLAH... and up to today, he has the intention to perform solat and take wuduk. Everytime I pray, he will ask me to put the praying matt for him too and he will follow what I did during solat. Same goes when I take wuduk, he will ask me to teach him first and he will waits for me until I'm done... When his Ayah is not around, he will behave himself not to cry, listen to Ibu and take care of Ibu with no protests at all (well, he will sleeps, eat, take his milk and watch Barney if I ask him to do so..)..AlhamduLILLAH... Ibu is so proud of you and Ibu love you so MUCH..!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

...for her..

i still remember the day when my MIL said to me this.
"..ntah sempat ntah tidak mak nak tengok Irfan sekolah.."

it did touched my heart.. deep inside.. and still does until now..
i just can't believe she's not around anymore when we back home to kampung..
i still feel her loves and hear her sweet voice in my ear..
she has been very kind, helpful, lovely and sweet to everyone she knows..
and i believe everyone is missing her..
including me.. i miss her very much..!
even though it already 7 days since she passed away, I still feel that she is still around..

kindly recite Al-Fatihah for her..
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