Friday, May 7, 2010


it's been raining heavily here in Bangi.i have to go to the 'night market' after work to buy some groceries.ayah will fetch Irfan at nursery and I hope there will clear weather back in KLIA.or else Irfan will get wet because Ayah will fetch him by motorcycle.owh yes..he is so enjoy his riding with Ayah.sampai tertidur naik motor if Ayah fetched him even though the nursery is only 5 minutes ride.

nothing much to update except that Ayah will be going to the 'Score A' function and he will be having the Employees' Day tomorrow at The Mines and we will be staying at home.i will spend my time doing the house chores will a lot help from Irfan, obviously..! he he..

nway, have a nice weekend everyone..!


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