Saturday, May 22, 2010

the memories..

on the way to my office this morning, i turned on to Mix FM and out of the blue Evanesence is singing my favourite song - The Immortal. Of course my mind keep tracking back on my old days back in Glasgow (dah lar hujan lebat dengan langit gelap, definitely macam Glasgow..!huhu..). Owhh.. how i missed Glasgow badly.
I still remember how does Glasgow looks like everyday. More or less it is the same weather all day regardless what the season is.Dark cloud and freezing.It hardly to see a nice weather or nice sunny day in Glasgow.If it happened so, it would be nice-sunny-extreme freezing-day.So, as for myself, I would prefer the dark cloud with not so cold (around 4-6degrees) instead of perfect sunny day (with minus 6 ~ 0 degrees).

I still remember my daily route to the school.Wearing my jacket and hold by school bag walking through all the buildings and trees to the school.On the way to school, I will passed the Architecture School whereby they have the perfect landscapes and architectures.Well, it's part of clearing up my mind before entering classes.Of course I love this route very much. It was introduced by my senior who studied in the Architecture School.
I wish I could pay a visit to Glasgow one day.I just don't have any friends left (none that I've known) back there.I used to planned everything with friends when we're going for a trip during my Uni years.Obviously, if you holding the Student Card, you can get discount from top to bottom.But now, everything seems hard and expensive.Anyway, I wish I could go back to Glasgow one day.Not for the time being, perhaps, one FINE day.manalar tau kan, if irfan very excellent during school and ada rezeki dapat pegi Uk kan.. hehe.. Ok, enuff on the memories.
Owh yea, it's almost a week since we've trying a traditional method in curing asthma for irfan.nothing details and complicated as hospital prescription.we just used 'daun sireh' as the healing medium.i found out this method on a's very simple yet very effective.cuma layurkan beberapa daun sireh and letakkan atas dada.simple isn't it?after trying it for few days, irfan looks very healthy and more active.AlhamduLILLAH...
ok, that's all for now..more updates later..


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