Friday, April 23, 2010

oklah..harini rasa macam nak bercerita pasal keja. definitely am getting exhausted, obviously. my boss has been hospitalized since early of the month due to his kidney failure.i dunno when he will be I am now the acting EMR/QMR and unfortunately, the clerk has been resigned since last month.definitely i have to do 3 person's job (including mine) at one time.we (myself and my boss) have been sourced and interviewed people since last month and to make it worst, that 'hantu jepun' keep pending his approval.(memang hantu jepun ni sengaja nak sakitkan hati aku..come on lar nak carik clerk je..).finally i know why that 'hantu jepun' pending his approval.he has his own requirement instead of what has been outline by my boss and HR.and i don't want to mention about it in this blog.(rasa macam tak percaya je..!).on the other hand, even though my boss hospitalized, he kept sending me text messages for for myself, of course my answer will be the same all time.(nvm boss, no worries i still can handle this..).tapi, up to one extent, bila dah tak tahan terus cakap je kat boss.i haf no choice.even though i know it is not the right time, right place and not even good for boss gives me 200% trust on whatever decision i want to make.owh, i just pray that there will be no customer audit these days.working with different level of people is not a problem to me.but when it comes to decision making, i find it's hard for me.really. memang teruk sangat rasa sekarang ni.what ever it is i just pray that boss will gets better.ok, enuff said about work.

my workload sometimes make me miss my baby so much! (ape lar agaknya irfan buat kat nursery sekarang ni yea..).irfan sekarang bila fetch him from nursery, masuk kereta terus nyanyi his nursery ryhmes.sampai terbawak2 kat rumah.sumtimes sebelum tidur, dia akan amik music box dia, press the button, dan nyanyi sekali.siap goyang2 badan kiri kanan.when the music stop, i just say to him, "more music pls.." and he straight away press the button and repeat what he did at the first place.hhmm..rindu kat irfan.nway, we've been thinking to have another 'one'.but my C-sect scar was only 1 and a half year.perhaps i need to consult with the gynae first and see how it goes.this time i wish i could have a 'gugurl'...(you go girl!).


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