Thursday, December 30, 2010


This might be my final entry before 2011 (well, it is final anyway!). I feel great today most probably due to below reasons:

1. Malaysia Team won over Indonesia last night (finally!). Even though am not that crazy-maniac-football fan, however, congratulations to our team! And it doubles up the great feeling when PM announced that tomorrow is our PH. he he he.. what a release..

2. Opened up SSPN's account for Irfan. I think I should do that since his born, but, it doesn't matter as long as we're already started saving for him. Consistency is important in whatever you're doing. Even though it might not be a huge amount saving monthly, but I will be consistent in doing so.

3. I have a target for 2011 whereby am going to complete my SHO Exam by end of Jun 2011. I first wanted to continue the Paper II and III in October but due to circumstances beyond my control (of course those auditors really annoyed my study time) I have to postpone it to next coming Feb. Hope to perform and do well in those Papers. InshaALLAH.

4. Lastly, there will be new KPI setting. Nahh, I don't wanna talk about it.

Yes. The title said "quickie" so I will end this up.

Hope to blog for following year and for all bloggers who hit me, thanks! And do keep visit me 'cos am appreciate yours' more than you know.



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

tantrums and my wish list

last night Irfan threw his ugly tantrums in the middle of the night. he'd been pushing me to let him sleep at downstairs whereas we are usually sleep in our master bedroom. at first i thought it's going to be OK and not last longer. i let him expressed out his feelings for a while, however, his tantrums got worsen. my husband ask me not to calm him down or he will get worst. so we let him be (which i feel sorry for him and only ALLAH knows how deep my heart is crying to hug him and comfort him..). In my heart I pray for ALLAH Merciful and Forgiveness and hope that HE will calms Irfan's heart and listen to us. Finally, after half-an-hour it settled and he climb up his bed, start lying down and fall asleep (dlm keadaan teresak-esak tu..). Owh yes, it really needs a loads of energy and hard work to throw a tantrums. Pity him but in that way we taught him not everything you want in this world you will get. I kissed him softly and went to bed too...

anyway, i've been thinking of list down my wish-list. but in order to do that I first must prioritize my most-craving-wish. you see, am really excited about this. it's only the beginning stage but my excitement is look like when Irfan's first learn teething. he he.. below are my wish list:

1. A house @enstek
2. Tupperware
3. Irfan's basic needs (owh..he's getting taller now..!)
4. Traveling (yes! yes! yes!)

btw, am going to packing up our stuff today or latest tomorrow for our weekend traveling. next year or next month (to be specific) is approaching soon, and yet am going to plan for our weekend traveling again. am sure it's going to be the best weekend and it will be..!

ps: do the title related to each other..? i wonder who cares..?

Friday, December 17, 2010


owh yeahh... Irfan had a very high fever last Monday due to exposure during raining. when i asked him where does he feel the most painful, he will directly point to his forehead. obviously we will know that he's having headache. he didn't took his meal, no playing with toys, no talking just lied down the whole day and night. i feel sorry for him but all i can do is ask him to take his medicine and he took it. AlhamduLILLAH within a day he recovered and started being talkative (i guess he inherited that from me..hehe..) , played with his toys and keep watching movie "Cars" within 3 hours directly! as for myself being bored and keep accompany him on whatever he did until I can memorized the script of the movie...!! hehe.. i tell u, am not sure how many times we ran that movie on a day.. i enjoy his talking even though i can't understand some of the sentences came out from his mouth. he try to repeat back what i said to him and he managed to get every words correctly. AlhamduLILLAH.. am so proud of u, my dear boy...

as for work (well, when on the earth that would end, anyway..?) am tight with preparation of ISO an d TS re-certification audit mid of Jan next year. am done with EMS in October (re-cert too) and we did well. however, for automotive it's kind of critical and super stringent 'cos we're not only have to comply with the standard itself but with the requirements and rules from IATF. and happens to be members of the IATF are all those Big 3s (America) and Big 9s (Europe) group. our customers are inclusive in the Big3s and Big9s.. huh..! what can i say is, it would be standard-IATF-customer re-certification audit..! (masaklar akuu...!)...

anyway, hope i did well too, 'cos all these will be included in my appraisal, obviously. and i know those Japs will give me more if they satisfy with my KPI achievements... u know what, those Japs really appreciate you if you work well and follow their instructions compare to those Americans (which i experienced before)... the more harder u work the more they (Japs) appreciate you...

Friday, November 12, 2010


AlhamduLILLAH..even though it's been very super bz bee week, am still manage to get everything done on time. As for Irfan he' getting taller, wiser, cheeky and pampered. But I think that's normal for my son 'cos we go to work daily (except on weekends) and left him at the nursery until 6pm (which make me feel sorry for him). But AlhamduLILLAH he get to used to it and his friends there.

Irfan has learnt to pronounce few sentences at a time. That day, suprisingly he said " what's that?" and am all shocked thought it wasn't from Irfan, but yes, he did said it to me. The sentence that he will said daily is "Ayah belakar..(kelakar)" and of course the most beautiful words that come out from his mouth daily are "Ayah, Ummi and ALLAH". AlhamduLILLAH, however, we drop the word "ibu" since he couldn't pronounce it (hope he will do one day) and change it to Ummi.

Anyway, I get an invitation from NIOSH to be their Auditor. So, tomorrow I will go for the induction course to understand all their procedures and dos and don'ts being the NIOSH's Auditor. Long I have wait for this time to come and finally it is. One paper down of the SHO exam, 3 more to go. Hope ALLAH will give me HIS will to passed all the papers.. InshALLAH..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

..pre-bufday wishes for Muhammad Irfan Iskandar...

irfan at SMS's wedding

irfan at playground

well, it's a pre-bufday wishes for Muhammad Irfan Iskandar..! he will be 2 years old on this coming 25th October...AlhamduLILLAH..I don't know what else to say except Happy Birthday my lovely-pampered-smart boy..Ibu loves you SOOO MUCHHH..!! and am very proud of you since the first day you were born...

Afterall those hurdles, (well, Irfan been hospitalised twice within a month due to pneumonia..and that's answering why am not updating this blog..), change nursery (thrice..!) and finally Irfan survived at this stage with all his patience and strength as well as doa from Ibu..(InshaALLAH).

Nothing much am hoping from you my dear Irfan... Semoga ALLAH melimpahkan rahmatNYA walau dimana jua diatas muka bumi ini untuk anakku, Muhammad Irfan Iskandar..InshaALLAH..

Selamar Hari Lahir yang ke-2 tahun..! Ibu and Ayah love you SOOO MUCHHHH...!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

..Irfan's progress...

It's been 11 days since we fast. How's yours? Ours have been great so far. AlhamduLILLAH. even though I know it is hard for my dear Mr Hubby, but anyhow I try my best to keep him accompany and not to feel so sad..(Only ALLAH knows how does he feels..). Nothing much happened except that Irfan has been doing VERY great and made a quick improving so far. He can does anything if we ask him to do so, except that he is still trying to arrange his words and sentences day by day. He already can pronounced Ayah (well, Ibu is a little bit harder, but we'll try that later..hehe..), pokok, kuda, dog, car, cat, susu, Lia (his friend name back at nursery..mesti gugurl punya nama jugak yg dia sebut..), kuih and teacher. Sometime you will heard his 'magic' word like "kelakar", "cuti" (ini dia kata ayah dia cuti..), "nak dukung" and "ronda"...He also understand if we gave him simple order and knows what to do when I told him to "put it on the table", "put it in the bin", "sit down", "careful", "mind your head", "put it back" and many more. AlhamduLILLAH... and up to today, he has the intention to perform solat and take wuduk. Everytime I pray, he will ask me to put the praying matt for him too and he will follow what I did during solat. Same goes when I take wuduk, he will ask me to teach him first and he will waits for me until I'm done... When his Ayah is not around, he will behave himself not to cry, listen to Ibu and take care of Ibu with no protests at all (well, he will sleeps, eat, take his milk and watch Barney if I ask him to do so..)..AlhamduLILLAH... Ibu is so proud of you and Ibu love you so MUCH..!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

...for her..

i still remember the day when my MIL said to me this.
"..ntah sempat ntah tidak mak nak tengok Irfan sekolah.."

it did touched my heart.. deep inside.. and still does until now..
i just can't believe she's not around anymore when we back home to kampung..
i still feel her loves and hear her sweet voice in my ear..
she has been very kind, helpful, lovely and sweet to everyone she knows..
and i believe everyone is missing her..
including me.. i miss her very much..!
even though it already 7 days since she passed away, I still feel that she is still around..

kindly recite Al-Fatihah for her..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

faces of Irfan...

last weekend we went to Mak Besah's house just to pay a visit. so, these are some of faces of Irfan and Ayah.. yes.. they both look identical.. hehe.. that' why i said, Anak Ayah..

masa ni Irfan is so excited to open up the hamsters cage..

See.. i told you already.. they're both look identical..

what's make me surprise when look at this photo is that Irfan has the 'kids' face..

oklah.. just a little update... thanks to Atok Chik for capturing faces of Irfan...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

the memories..

on the way to my office this morning, i turned on to Mix FM and out of the blue Evanesence is singing my favourite song - The Immortal. Of course my mind keep tracking back on my old days back in Glasgow (dah lar hujan lebat dengan langit gelap, definitely macam Glasgow..!huhu..). Owhh.. how i missed Glasgow badly.
I still remember how does Glasgow looks like everyday. More or less it is the same weather all day regardless what the season is.Dark cloud and freezing.It hardly to see a nice weather or nice sunny day in Glasgow.If it happened so, it would be nice-sunny-extreme freezing-day.So, as for myself, I would prefer the dark cloud with not so cold (around 4-6degrees) instead of perfect sunny day (with minus 6 ~ 0 degrees).

I still remember my daily route to the school.Wearing my jacket and hold by school bag walking through all the buildings and trees to the school.On the way to school, I will passed the Architecture School whereby they have the perfect landscapes and architectures.Well, it's part of clearing up my mind before entering classes.Of course I love this route very much. It was introduced by my senior who studied in the Architecture School.
I wish I could pay a visit to Glasgow one day.I just don't have any friends left (none that I've known) back there.I used to planned everything with friends when we're going for a trip during my Uni years.Obviously, if you holding the Student Card, you can get discount from top to bottom.But now, everything seems hard and expensive.Anyway, I wish I could go back to Glasgow one day.Not for the time being, perhaps, one FINE day.manalar tau kan, if irfan very excellent during school and ada rezeki dapat pegi Uk kan.. hehe.. Ok, enuff on the memories.
Owh yea, it's almost a week since we've trying a traditional method in curing asthma for irfan.nothing details and complicated as hospital prescription.we just used 'daun sireh' as the healing medium.i found out this method on a's very simple yet very effective.cuma layurkan beberapa daun sireh and letakkan atas dada.simple isn't it?after trying it for few days, irfan looks very healthy and more active.AlhamduLILLAH...
ok, that's all for now..more updates later..

Monday, May 10, 2010

asthma attack saviour

we didn't go anywhere last weekend.we stayed at home and I did my house chores as previously mentioned.Ayah had the Employees' Day Ceremony on Saturday.however, before I forgot, irfan had an asthma attack on Friday night and it actually prolong throughout the weekend.So, that's explain why we didn't plan to go to anywhere last weekend.

He got his asthma attack in the middle of night and he barely can sleep all night.pity Irfan.Everytime he coughed, I will wake up and try to comfort him.I gave him Salbutamol liquid, however, it only worked for 2 hours and after that he will start coughing again and again.He cried 'cos he can't sleep and everytime he cried, he will looked at my face with the sad look to show to me that he is suffering with his tightness chest.He got this wheezing sound which indicate me that his bronchitis is stucked.At first I want to wake Ayah up to go to the A&E Putrajaya, but after a few rub of 'Vicks' at Irfan's chest and his back, he back to sleep until 6am.Later, in the morning, Irfan still had the wheezing sound.Ayah said that he had the important day so I told him, it's OK and I can bring Irfan alone to the A&E.I packed up all his stuff, the flusk, bottle, milk, pampers, a few pair of clothes (just-in-case if we might have to stay longer at the hospital), his 'bantal busuk', inhaler, his shoes, socks and napkins.I put all of them in his nursery bag (well Irfan had a quite big nursery bag bought by Ayah due to he needs to bring his inhaler and chamber everyday to the nursery) so I have my two hands to lift Irfan up(his nursery bag I carry at my back).Even though he can walk already, I won't take any risk as he will get worst if he being active.So, after packed up all the stuff, I went straight away to the hospital.After arrived, we went straight away to the Triage Centre.I told the Medical Officer that Irfan had an asthma attack and she brought us directly to the Neb centre.At that time, Irfan eyes was getting red and his stomach was hard as a stone.pity him.I put him on the Neb but he kept crying throughout the process.The Officer said, let him be 'cos if he continues crying the gas will enter his lung more easy.I tried everything to comfort and calm him.but it didn't work.normally it will takes half an hour to get the Neb clear.however, due to Irfan kept crying, it took only 15 minutes.After settled in the Neb, he stopped crying and calling Ayah."Yah, Yah.." over and over.I felt like crying however, I comfort him by saying, "Ayah go to work.nanti Ayah balik k..".Actually Ayah will comfort him everytime after he took the Neb.That's why he looked for Ayah.The next process is clearing up.While waiting for his lung clearing up, he already starts to walked here and there.I have to confined him because the doctors asked me to do so.(yelah..kat hospital kan banyak, irfan will easily get infection if i didn't protect him).After few walks, he came to me and I asked him whether he wanted to have his milk or not.He nodded.I pour the milk and gave him but few sucks, he refuse to continue and felt uncomfortable.I quickly took the napkin and he started to cough.While coughing, he vomitted A LOT of liquid (kahak) in yellow colour.I wash him after that and he starts calling Ayah again and again.I know, he wants Ayah to comfort him due to I already 'paksa' Irfan with the Neb.So, in this case, I am the bad one and Ayah is the good one.But i know it will settle once we got back home.Anyway, the doctor said his lung is cleared already and she ask me to go to the pharmacy for the prescription.While waiting the pharmacist to prepare the prescription, irfan already walked around the A&E, in and out.I quickly get the prescription and lift him up.At this stage I already felt a little bit exhausted due to carrying the heavy-big-backpack and in front of me am lifting irfan.we went to the car park, i put him in the car seat, comfort him that we going to Ayah (he refused to sit in 'cos he thinks he can sit safely beside me while am driving), starts the engine and went back home.He fall asleep in the car.

When arrived home, I bathed irfan and cooked our lunch, eat up, and get sleep due to our hard work in the morning.Ayah arrived home around 2, I woke up and pray, continue our sleep until 5pm.hehehe.

Later at night, Ayah's cousin pay a visit and we stayed up a little longer (takpe, petang dah puas tidur..hehe..)and sleep at 2am.

i know i didn't save the day, but somehow i've passed His test and i am my baby's saviour.AlhamduLILLAH..

Friday, May 7, 2010


it's been raining heavily here in Bangi.i have to go to the 'night market' after work to buy some groceries.ayah will fetch Irfan at nursery and I hope there will clear weather back in KLIA.or else Irfan will get wet because Ayah will fetch him by motorcycle.owh yes..he is so enjoy his riding with Ayah.sampai tertidur naik motor if Ayah fetched him even though the nursery is only 5 minutes ride.

nothing much to update except that Ayah will be going to the 'Score A' function and he will be having the Employees' Day tomorrow at The Mines and we will be staying at home.i will spend my time doing the house chores will a lot help from Irfan, obviously..! he he..

nway, have a nice weekend everyone..!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

toddler now i am..

i was surfing the internet on the homemade foods for babies or toddler and i came into this website. very interesting.! and they also define what is a toddler means. definitely it reminds me to irfan very much..!

The web defines a toddler as:
  • A child who is between the age of 12 months and 48 months old (1 year and 4 years old) ---owh yes, irfan is 1 and a half plus year old..! how does time fly..?
  • One who loves food one day and then dislikes that very same food the next day --- it is obvious! irfan won't consume same food for the next day. i haf to cook different dishes for him.
  • One who requires lots of clean laundry, tidying-up after! --- well irfan like to changes his clothes often now due to sweat or dirty and very much like to tidying-up, not only limited to his clothes but to everything..!
  • One who is methodical and focused when attempting to launching a spoonful of mashed potatoes at the dog, Mom, the cat, Dad... --- ha ha ha.. this one really reminds me on the day when he try to fed me with his food and his pacifier..!! ha ha ha..
  • One whose innocence and wonder inspires us adults to do better --- owh yes.. no WORDs can describe this..
  • One who possesses an abundance of love to share, is unconditional in the giving, and delightful in the receiving of that love - simply put, a Toddler is a Joy! --- of course Ibu loves you! You already know how to love people around you, cats, your 'bantal busuk' etc.. you even kissed me everytime i demand you to do so..! what a lovely irfan.. Ibu will love you for the rest of my life!

and to Encik Suami..of course I love U too... hehe..(i dunno who i am if i don't belongs to you, bang..)

Friday, April 23, 2010

oklah..harini rasa macam nak bercerita pasal keja. definitely am getting exhausted, obviously. my boss has been hospitalized since early of the month due to his kidney failure.i dunno when he will be I am now the acting EMR/QMR and unfortunately, the clerk has been resigned since last month.definitely i have to do 3 person's job (including mine) at one time.we (myself and my boss) have been sourced and interviewed people since last month and to make it worst, that 'hantu jepun' keep pending his approval.(memang hantu jepun ni sengaja nak sakitkan hati aku..come on lar nak carik clerk je..).finally i know why that 'hantu jepun' pending his approval.he has his own requirement instead of what has been outline by my boss and HR.and i don't want to mention about it in this blog.(rasa macam tak percaya je..!).on the other hand, even though my boss hospitalized, he kept sending me text messages for for myself, of course my answer will be the same all time.(nvm boss, no worries i still can handle this..).tapi, up to one extent, bila dah tak tahan terus cakap je kat boss.i haf no choice.even though i know it is not the right time, right place and not even good for boss gives me 200% trust on whatever decision i want to make.owh, i just pray that there will be no customer audit these days.working with different level of people is not a problem to me.but when it comes to decision making, i find it's hard for me.really. memang teruk sangat rasa sekarang ni.what ever it is i just pray that boss will gets better.ok, enuff said about work.

my workload sometimes make me miss my baby so much! (ape lar agaknya irfan buat kat nursery sekarang ni yea..).irfan sekarang bila fetch him from nursery, masuk kereta terus nyanyi his nursery ryhmes.sampai terbawak2 kat rumah.sumtimes sebelum tidur, dia akan amik music box dia, press the button, dan nyanyi sekali.siap goyang2 badan kiri kanan.when the music stop, i just say to him, "more music pls.." and he straight away press the button and repeat what he did at the first place.hhmm..rindu kat irfan.nway, we've been thinking to have another 'one'.but my C-sect scar was only 1 and a half year.perhaps i need to consult with the gynae first and see how it goes.this time i wish i could have a 'gugurl'...(you go girl!).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lama betul tak update blog. so many things had happened. basically am busy with my family, house chores and of course my job. memang sangat memenatkan tapi AlhamduLILLAH, am managed to get it done daily.

well, Irfan is almost 18months and he getting more and more active daily. he can does everything for the toddlers age like him. except, he still cannot speak thoroughly yet. few words can be heard clearly, but most of the time he still with his "bahasa german" (he he..). wake up early in the morning (well, 'cos he knows that he has to go to nursery) , terus bercakap dgn bahasa jerman dia tu. and he will stops when he falls asleep. makan and minum susu banyak.. last 3 months he only managed 4 tins of Isomil per month but starting this month 4 tins is not enough for him. we got 6 tins of Isomil this month! as for that, ibu and ayah have to spend extra quid and cut-off unnecessary item, obviously.

nothing much to share about except that we plan for a vacation to Brunei or Korea sumwhere in July. tak sabarnya nak cuti. dah struggling dengan kerja2 kat ofis. owh boss, i really need a holiday....
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