Friday, June 19, 2009

last nite, Irfan slept at 12.45am (well, i shud write it, this morning rather than last nite). i dunno what's went wrong with him or perhaps the most perfect word is i dunno what's exciting him not to fall asleep. he did slept at 10pm, the usual time he sleeps, but last nite, he woke up at 10.30pm and starts stay up until 12.45am. perhaps, he overheard our discussion. we discussed about looking for a hotel in kemaman for early next month, a business going to be..inshaALLAH (wallah!) and travian (buleh tak..?aku tatau kenapa kitorg cakap pasal ni..hehe..). i was surprised when i was pouring up a cup of plain water for Mr Hubby; Irfan's eyes was already opened. his big eyes staring at me. maybe our voices were loud during the discussion. anyway, Mr Hubby was so tired to entertain Irfan, then I nursing him until he felt asleep. I read the Surah al-Insyirah for him in a hope that ALLAH will make it easier for him in anyways that he wanted to get a better sleep. AlhamduLILLAH, it works within 10 minutes.

btw, until today, we still looking for a hotel in kemaman. it's not that easy to find one. i shud say hotels are no longer cheap in Malaysia (sape kata Malaysia's hotels murah, beb!). i believe sometimes i rather live in Uk where you can get a hotel/lodge/hostel with as low as 10quid/nite. and you can get all your groceries with 20quid which you can eat for almost 2 weeks plus! sometimes i no longer feel homey in Malaysia.

anyway, Abah will be discharge today at 3pm. we will pay a visit tomorrow morning. wondering what's Abah looks like and feel for 2 months stay in the hospital. i still remember Abah's joke : "takpe, irfan baru nak merangkak, pelan-pelan lar.. Abah pun baru nak belajar berjalan!.." then we both burst into laugh...ha ha ha...


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