Friday, April 10, 2009

it's been a while since my last update.there were so many things happened and still i didn't have time to update everyone.nway, let's start with our stories.

finally i've signed up for FB.finally!hehe..baru ada masa.nway, Irfan is already 5 months plus.he already started eating those porridges, rusks biscuits, bananas, potatos, carrots and not to mention ice cream!owh, this is not the typical ice cream with too much sugars and colors.coincidence we went to IKEA last week with my sister, then she's the one that asked me to give Irfan a try on the ice, i believe, IKEA's ice cream is not that too sweet (but a little bit creamy) and Irfan go for it.he was SO loved it!berapa kali jugaklar bagi dia try.tapi eventually, kena stop bagi dia sebab batuk dia still not recovering that day.

owh yea..that day ada bawak Irfan pegi zoo with my sister.Mr Hubby was having football tournament at, we went there just 4 of us.Mr Hubby was wondering if Irfan will not behave while we pay the visit.however, he was SO charming and good whereby he slept throughout the visit! he didn't even asking for his meal and only drink plain water.haha.baik sungguh anak ibu ni.well, my sister told me even though he can't really captured all the animals in the zoo, but still he can feel the surroundings.the sounds from the animals, the wind, the water, people etcetra.

btw, Mr Hubby received a good news today that he wil be transferred to KLIA.AlhamduLILLAH.i believe this is what he always wanted right from the for me, if this is the best for him, it must be the best for us too.inshaALLAH.seems like we have to start looking for a house to rent.anyone?

ku benar benar cinta..
ku benar benar sayang..


~Mrs Fred~

Wahh.. nak transfer KLIA dah ek.. bandar enstek tu ok gaks..

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