Monday, January 19, 2009

i haf least than a week to settle my job transition to my colleague before i can fully handle new, today we haf a lunch with all my team members for my transfer.well, frankly said, they are all sad.nobody knows how i feel right now.if my team members are sad, i wud be VERY sad.they are the one who knows how struggling i was to set-up the system alone, with my former superior know nothing.the system was drop drastically when i took over the job from previous team.i work alone to learn in and out about the system.came home late just to ensure the system implemented is really tooks ages to set it up, took ages to gather all my team members, not to mention when they has been transferred or changing job function or etcetra where i haf to find a replacement member.and it TOOK AGES to ensure they can give me response and feedback within the timeline given when i followed up with them.that's what i system.and now, i will haf or already had a new tasks which is systemic thingy too!well, even though the concept is the same, i still haf to learn new process.

team member: sedihlar kau no longer handle management system.
myself : kau ingat aku suka?
team member: tatau lar nanti kitorg biasa ke tak bila di folo-up oleh orang baru.
myself : sama je. sape pun folo-up.
team member: dengan kau senang.tak banyak cite.
myself : bukan aku garang ke?suka gaduh?
team member: kau gaduh pun keja n masalah selesai.kau garang sebab kitorg bg masalah.

yeah.i handle this thing for 3 years!so, the chemistry between all team members are there!deep inside i wud much appreciate myself if i haf this new position in new company which i can start new life rather than facing and meeting all the faces that i have known for 3 years and yet they are sad with my job transition.what's on earth is going on here??

but mark this quote: bila orang dah takde, baru teringat...


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