Thursday, January 8, 2009

boleh tak aku update blog kat ofis..?hehe..well, as far as everyone knows rite now tengah economy crisis and everything seems to slow down.nothing much to do.kalau dapat balik rumah mesti best.hilang jugak rindu kat irfan.anyway, i've received a gud news (inshaALLAH) and not to bad news, but, berita yang tak berapa sedap lar ni kiranya.the gud news is, aku transfer ke IPQA (incoming process QA) and am no longer full time auditor.and berita yang tak berapa sedap didengar tu, aku tak jadi lead assessor untuk company aku lagi, which is wasted, sbb i am about to have 3 consecutive years as an lead assessor before i could get registered with IRCA/RABQSA.that's why i've been thinking to move out and continue my journey as the lead assessor, but this is what i've got.maybe is not the time yet.definitely terkejut, sebab dah lar baru start keja, then macam blurred lagi, terus lak kena tukar job function.actually, there are 2 candidates to be the IPQA engr, but, i am the one selected 'cos the SE said am far much better than the other one.well, not to say that the SE is a guy and that is why he selected me, 'cos both candidates are's not about gender, it's more on independency, and so-called aura/hikmat mengejar dan menggarangkan diri kat orang.hehehehe...i haf those guts with every level of peeps.i came to realize that 'cos one fine day Mr Hubby told me that "..wah..dengan manager level pun Lia garang and kejar dia..?"..kat situlah baru aku tau, dengan manager level pun aku gi marah sebab dia telah melambatkan keja aku siap.nothing much i can hope to this new job function, 'cos am totally new to it with zero knowledge and b/ground.hope those wacky SEs can help and guide me.afterall, they already told me, the secret is to hide behind them! hahahaa...whatever it is, it must be a team work.oklah, enuff about work.

rindu irfan SO MUCH!!!!


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