Wednesday, June 24, 2009

yesterday we went to the Sunway Pyramid to get a pair of new glasses each. surprisingly the pairs were ready in an hour! unlike other stores, you have to wait almost a week to get it done. well, that's for him for the Father's Day for being a great father to Irfan and a loving hubby to me...

anyway, Irfan is already started to stand up and trying to sit. i believe he tried crawling for a week with a little bit failure here and there which i guess he already gave up to try it again or maybe he surrendered. (dah malas nak try merangkak terus berdiri dan duduk je.. hehe.. sabor je lah..). i watched him trying to crawl for 2 weeks and he just can moved only 2 steps with crying (boleh tak..?). i believe that is the most hardest thing he ever tried. pity him. or perhaps he is SO like me; where the most hardest and difficult thing to do will be the last thing to do in the list. go for the easier way first. so, there will be no so-called following the sequence. the best part was, when he try to get up, he will climb all the walls, the sofa, the table, the chair (or whatever he can grab at that moment) and MYSELF! ha ha.. sometimes if he can get up for a halfway, he will asks for a help by holding up my hands as if like he says "mayday, mayday" ha ha ha. so clever! (so, ibu yang baik hati ni pun memberikan bantuan kecemasan.. he he he..).

Irfan will be 8 months tomorrow. for that time i see him more into myself rather than Mr Hubby. maybe this is the first stage. well, he has my hubby's face! (ikut muka ayah, ibu tolong beranakkan je..he he). he will be seeing his pedeatric tomorrow morning too. he is coughing still but not constantly. cough is a good thing - its a way of our body to get rid of the annoying things from the lungs - the bugs in his lungs need to be get rid of.... what is not good is dry cough. anyway, we'll see what we can do next. InshaALLAH, Irfan will gets better through time...

Friday, June 19, 2009

last nite, Irfan slept at 12.45am (well, i shud write it, this morning rather than last nite). i dunno what's went wrong with him or perhaps the most perfect word is i dunno what's exciting him not to fall asleep. he did slept at 10pm, the usual time he sleeps, but last nite, he woke up at 10.30pm and starts stay up until 12.45am. perhaps, he overheard our discussion. we discussed about looking for a hotel in kemaman for early next month, a business going to be..inshaALLAH (wallah!) and travian (buleh tak..?aku tatau kenapa kitorg cakap pasal ni..hehe..). i was surprised when i was pouring up a cup of plain water for Mr Hubby; Irfan's eyes was already opened. his big eyes staring at me. maybe our voices were loud during the discussion. anyway, Mr Hubby was so tired to entertain Irfan, then I nursing him until he felt asleep. I read the Surah al-Insyirah for him in a hope that ALLAH will make it easier for him in anyways that he wanted to get a better sleep. AlhamduLILLAH, it works within 10 minutes.

btw, until today, we still looking for a hotel in kemaman. it's not that easy to find one. i shud say hotels are no longer cheap in Malaysia (sape kata Malaysia's hotels murah, beb!). i believe sometimes i rather live in Uk where you can get a hotel/lodge/hostel with as low as 10quid/nite. and you can get all your groceries with 20quid which you can eat for almost 2 weeks plus! sometimes i no longer feel homey in Malaysia.

anyway, Abah will be discharge today at 3pm. we will pay a visit tomorrow morning. wondering what's Abah looks like and feel for 2 months stay in the hospital. i still remember Abah's joke : "takpe, irfan baru nak merangkak, pelan-pelan lar.. Abah pun baru nak belajar berjalan!.." then we both burst into laugh...ha ha ha...

Friday, April 10, 2009

it's been a while since my last update.there were so many things happened and still i didn't have time to update everyone.nway, let's start with our stories.

finally i've signed up for FB.finally!hehe..baru ada masa.nway, Irfan is already 5 months plus.he already started eating those porridges, rusks biscuits, bananas, potatos, carrots and not to mention ice cream!owh, this is not the typical ice cream with too much sugars and colors.coincidence we went to IKEA last week with my sister, then she's the one that asked me to give Irfan a try on the ice, i believe, IKEA's ice cream is not that too sweet (but a little bit creamy) and Irfan go for it.he was SO loved it!berapa kali jugaklar bagi dia try.tapi eventually, kena stop bagi dia sebab batuk dia still not recovering that day.

owh yea..that day ada bawak Irfan pegi zoo with my sister.Mr Hubby was having football tournament at, we went there just 4 of us.Mr Hubby was wondering if Irfan will not behave while we pay the visit.however, he was SO charming and good whereby he slept throughout the visit! he didn't even asking for his meal and only drink plain water.haha.baik sungguh anak ibu ni.well, my sister told me even though he can't really captured all the animals in the zoo, but still he can feel the surroundings.the sounds from the animals, the wind, the water, people etcetra.

btw, Mr Hubby received a good news today that he wil be transferred to KLIA.AlhamduLILLAH.i believe this is what he always wanted right from the for me, if this is the best for him, it must be the best for us too.inshaALLAH.seems like we have to start looking for a house to rent.anyone?

ku benar benar cinta..
ku benar benar sayang..

Monday, February 2, 2009

irfan turns 3 months!

at first aku ingat nak letak gambar ayah sekali tapi takde dalam hp lak.byk kat lam kamera.and aku tengah update blog kat ofis.ahaks!nway, maybe later ambik gambar ayah and add-in dalam ni.or untuk next entry aku letak both of them and put the title as 'jeng,jeng, jeng..' rahsia dulu..

well, irfan turns 3 months on 25/1/09.banyak benda dia dah pandai buat.actually, dari dulu lagi dia memang seorang yang sangat pandai try semua benda.dia dah start nak isap jari jemari dia.look at the above photo.that causing air liur dia meleleh-leleh terus basah baju.and sekarang ni irfan amatlah besar dan besar dan besar lagi berat.not sure berapa berat dia, cos tak pegi klinik lagi.tak sempat.last week, seminggu kat alor setar.memang best.irfan pun layan je cuti-cuti malaysia dia kat alor setar tu.suara irfan semakin tinggi dan kuat bila berborak.well, still dengan 'bahasa jerman' dia tu.tapi, aku layankan saje.dah boleh panggil aku 'bu..bu..bu..'.dia akan sebut tiga kali berturut-turut perkataan 'bu' far 'ayah' belum lagi.maybe ayah kena banyak borak dengan dia lagi ni.bagi dia biasakan telinga dengar perkataan 'ayah' pulak.

dah seminggu dengan irfan, hari ni nak gi keja rasa malas je.pastu rasa berat hati je nak hantar kat bb sitter dia.well, everyday pun sebenarnya berat hati, tapi, hari ni kuasa 10 beratnya.seperti hari-hari biasa, aku tak sabar nak tunggu waktu petang.terus balik ambik irfan!

nway, lagu kat bawah ni by andra and the backbone menceritakan segala perasaan aku terhadap ayah dan irfan.
i couldn't ask for more!

kau begitu sempurna
di mataku kau begitu indah
kau membuat diriku
akan selalu memujamu

di setiap langkahku
ku kan selalu memikirkan dirimu
tak bisa ku bayangkan
hidupku tanpa cintamu

* janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
takkan mampu menghadapi semua
hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

kau adalah darahku
kau adalah jantungku
kau adalah hidupku
lengkapi diriku
oh sayangku kau begitu sempurna, sempurna

kau genggam tanganku
saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
kau bisikkan kata
dan hapus semua sesalku

Friday, January 23, 2009

tiga malam lepas (backdated lar ni), ada serangga masuk telinga first, i tot dia kembung perut or whatever.menangis tak berenti, siap menjerit.masa tu aku tau SANGAT dia kesakitan.aku terus sapukan minyak gamat kat perut dia.but he kept on crying.aku pujuk dia, try to comfort was meaningless.after 10~15minutes crying without stop, aku ternampak ada serangga kuar dari telinga dia.aku pun cepat2 ambik tisu, ingatkan berdarah ke ape.after that, terus dia stop crying.rupa2nya ada serangga cuba nak masuk telinga dia tapi tak dapat.maybe masa it was struggling to enter, fly tu mati, tu sebab dia menangis SANGAT kuat.thanx to his wax!then straight away bawak jumpa doc (luckily klinik depan rumah je..).doc kata takde ape dah kat dalam telinga dia, suma dah tu dah takde dan saki baki dia pun dah takde.well, his ayah was on work at that nite.terus rushing balik rumah.

dua malam lepas (backdated lagi), dia meragam jugak.menangis, tapi tak seteruk itu.aku memang suspect dia kembung perut, sebab siang hari baby sitter dia bgtau, dia tak buang air besar.even though baby sitter dia sapukan minyak gamat everytime after mandi, maybe, this particular nite it doesn't work.aku sapukan bam panas, tapi AMAT sikit (sbb kulit baby ni very sensitif and sangat nipis), then aku urut2kan perut dia, terus dia tertidur sampai pagi.

last nite was really a teribble nite.maybe disebabkan kembung perut semalam perhaps angin dalam perut dia tak habis kuar.even though siang tu dia buang air besar, still not effective.he keep on crying, LOUD and STRONG up to one hour.aku sapukan sikit minyak panas kat perut dia, still didn't work.aku rasa perut dia tak keras, meaning takde angin kat situ lagi.rupa2nya angin tu dah turun ke bawah dan berkumpul kat kemaluan dia.aku tengok kat area tu dah merah.panik jugak.teringat mak aku pesan dan cerita pasal 'angin pasang'.aku terus capai seterika and kain tuam dan tuamkan dia.mula2 tu he kept on crying, yelah, sebab masa tu tak berapa panas lagi.after 10minutes, dia terus tertidur and aku nampak perubahan, kat area tu dah tak merah.aku terus tuam sampai dia terlena.and his ayah was on work last nite.terus rushing balik rumah.

irfan is not that 'crying' type baby.that's why aku senang tau if he's crying too loud and strong, definitely dia SANGAT sakit.nway, seems like irfan nak tumbuh gigi.gusi atas dah keras.meniarap pun tak pandai lagi, takkan dah nak tumbuh gigi kut..?? hmmm..ok jugak tu.kut2 esok dia cepat bercakap, aku ada kawan nak borak.haha..aku memang kaki borak..mesti best kalau dapat borak dengan irfan.

Monday, January 19, 2009

i haf least than a week to settle my job transition to my colleague before i can fully handle new, today we haf a lunch with all my team members for my transfer.well, frankly said, they are all sad.nobody knows how i feel right now.if my team members are sad, i wud be VERY sad.they are the one who knows how struggling i was to set-up the system alone, with my former superior know nothing.the system was drop drastically when i took over the job from previous team.i work alone to learn in and out about the system.came home late just to ensure the system implemented is really tooks ages to set it up, took ages to gather all my team members, not to mention when they has been transferred or changing job function or etcetra where i haf to find a replacement member.and it TOOK AGES to ensure they can give me response and feedback within the timeline given when i followed up with them.that's what i system.and now, i will haf or already had a new tasks which is systemic thingy too!well, even though the concept is the same, i still haf to learn new process.

team member: sedihlar kau no longer handle management system.
myself : kau ingat aku suka?
team member: tatau lar nanti kitorg biasa ke tak bila di folo-up oleh orang baru.
myself : sama je. sape pun folo-up.
team member: dengan kau senang.tak banyak cite.
myself : bukan aku garang ke?suka gaduh?
team member: kau gaduh pun keja n masalah selesai.kau garang sebab kitorg bg masalah.

yeah.i handle this thing for 3 years!so, the chemistry between all team members are there!deep inside i wud much appreciate myself if i haf this new position in new company which i can start new life rather than facing and meeting all the faces that i have known for 3 years and yet they are sad with my job transition.what's on earth is going on here??

but mark this quote: bila orang dah takde, baru teringat...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pagi tadi dengar lagu Aizat - Lagu Kita kat radio.memang layanlah.terus teringat kat Mr Hubby.hehe.dengar lagu best mulalar teringat kat Mr Hubby.ape yea lagu yang betul-betul ingatkan aku pada Mr Hubby?haha..nanti aku reveal next entry.aku ingat lagu tu, tapi aku lupa siapa penyanyinya.

Deras hatiku berdetar
Di langit aku terlihat kamu
Terang malam,teman kita
Dengan angin meniup sayu
Ku petik gitar akustik ini
Dengan harapan dia mendengar
Melodi indah yang ku cipta
Hanya untuk luahkan rinduku padanya
Dan aku terus,
Menyanyi lagu ini untukmu,
Walau berjuta mendengar,
Lagu ini hanya untukmu,
Arah hidup kita,
Digambar bintang di angkasa
Dan berkelip melukis cinta
Terciptalah lagu kita

Anyway, sejak aku mula masuk keja ni ramai betul kata aku kurus.mana-mana aku pegi mesti first word "dah kurus..".nampak sangat masa aku preggie berisi sangat.haha.aku pun pelik jugak, mana pegi weight yang sangat banyak aku gain masa preggie dulu.last preggie, my weight was 68kilos!before preggie memang underweight, tapi skang ni aku dah dapat weight yang ngam ngam, taknak naikkan lagi and taknak turunkan lagi.nak maintain je.inshaALLAH.

Alemak.dapat text dari baby sitter irfan kata irfan termenung je taknak tidur.aduhaiiii...kesiannya kat dia.mulalar aku rasa nak menangis ni.uwwwaaaa..mesti dia termenung teringat kat ibu n ayah diaaaaaaaaa........

"Ayah, nanti pegi tengok irfan yea, tengahari nanti k.."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

boleh tak aku update blog kat ofis..?hehe..well, as far as everyone knows rite now tengah economy crisis and everything seems to slow down.nothing much to do.kalau dapat balik rumah mesti best.hilang jugak rindu kat irfan.anyway, i've received a gud news (inshaALLAH) and not to bad news, but, berita yang tak berapa sedap lar ni kiranya.the gud news is, aku transfer ke IPQA (incoming process QA) and am no longer full time auditor.and berita yang tak berapa sedap didengar tu, aku tak jadi lead assessor untuk company aku lagi, which is wasted, sbb i am about to have 3 consecutive years as an lead assessor before i could get registered with IRCA/RABQSA.that's why i've been thinking to move out and continue my journey as the lead assessor, but this is what i've got.maybe is not the time yet.definitely terkejut, sebab dah lar baru start keja, then macam blurred lagi, terus lak kena tukar job function.actually, there are 2 candidates to be the IPQA engr, but, i am the one selected 'cos the SE said am far much better than the other one.well, not to say that the SE is a guy and that is why he selected me, 'cos both candidates are's not about gender, it's more on independency, and so-called aura/hikmat mengejar dan menggarangkan diri kat orang.hehehehe...i haf those guts with every level of peeps.i came to realize that 'cos one fine day Mr Hubby told me that "..wah..dengan manager level pun Lia garang and kejar dia..?"..kat situlah baru aku tau, dengan manager level pun aku gi marah sebab dia telah melambatkan keja aku siap.nothing much i can hope to this new job function, 'cos am totally new to it with zero knowledge and b/ground.hope those wacky SEs can help and guide me.afterall, they already told me, the secret is to hide behind them! hahahaa...whatever it is, it must be a team work.oklah, enuff about work.

rindu irfan SO MUCH!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

alemak.buhsan lak malam ni.nak tengok tv pun tak dapat.Mr Hubby tengok bola lak.lagilar buhsan.ingatkan dah penat-penat mengemas rumah dari pagi tadi, dapatlar tengok tv ke ape ke.lagi satu, perut tak berapa sedap ni.tak tau kenapa.agaknya penat mengemas tadi atau memang sakit last aku on pc, then bukak web tv3 tengok cite kat situ.baru aku teringat aku ada miss one episod of SpaQ 2.well, aku bukanlah minat sangat cite SpaQ tu, tapi bolehlar layan petang-petang tu kan.

yesterday bawak irfan pegi klinik, cucuk 5 serangkai.tak lar demam seteruk masa cucuk waktu usia dia sebulan haritu.demam sikit-sikit je.maybe sebab kali ni pegi klinik swasta and doktor tu pun cucuk soft je sebab dia pun tau--baby kan, last time gi klinik kerajaan.memang kat klinik kerajaan tu aku tengok nurse tu cucuk pun aku rasa nak sepak je dia.giller kasar dia buat.dahlar irfan baru sebulan masa tu.geram betul aku rasa.bila teringat masa irfan baru 2hari kat spital, lagilar sakit hati dengan nurse2 kat situ.aku faham tu dah memang tugas derang, tapi alemak.. aku memang giller sakit hati betul.nasib baiklar masa tu aku pun tak berapa larat lagi, if not aku dah mintak discharge nak masuk spital lain je.

cite pasal haritu hantar irfan ke baby sitter dia.balik petang tu aku amik dia.alemak.dia tengok je aku sepanjang perjalanan balik ke rumah.aku borak-borak dengan dia cam biasa.sebab aku tau dia mesti nak borak dengan aku.tapi tak.dia tengok je aku.sepatah perkataan bahasa dia yg org tak faham tu tak kuar pun dari mulut dia.uwwaaaaaa..........sedihh betul...mesti dia merajuk dengan aku.then bila dah sampai kat rumah aku borak dengan dia balik, dia diam je.aku dah rasa nak menangis dah.mesti dia merajuk or marah kat aku the end, dah nak tidur tu baru dia borak dengan aku.uwwaaa...janganlar buat kat ibu camtu lagi irfan..sedihlar, hopefully aku akan ok hari isnin nanti.mau aku asyik tengok jam 5.30ptg je.kira nak balik amik irfan je ni.hehehe.betullar kata kawan aku, aku yang kena kaunseling ni, bukannya baby aku.

oklah, rasa mengantuk lak.baik terus tidur...

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