Wednesday, October 8, 2008

am counting the weeks.why? because i haf this strong feeling that i will deliver my baby earlier than the said that.well, gynae counts 40 weeks, which means 10months, but in Islam, normally pregnant women can deliver after 9 months and 10 days already 34 is almost there.and to be honest, i already had this deliver symptoms since week 33.i can feel the baby pressure and how painful my stomach and waist is.but it only happened on particular day when i had too much walking and climbing stairs.later at night i will feel the sakit-sakit nak beranak tu..

yesterday i went for my pregnancy checkup and they already taught me on breathing during contraction and delivery.i guess breathing during contraction is more easier to learn than breathing during afraid that all the breathing lesson will lost due to too panic.however, i always pray for the best.and i always encourage my baby to be strong and help himself too during the delivery.on the other hand, both my legs are swollen said that this is due to my weight gain and there is an urat in the uterus that pressing my legs when am walking and advised not to walk and stand too much and not to drive myself to work.however, they have to monitor my BP and urine within this 2 weeks to ensure there is no abnormalities which can lead to pre-eclampsia.hopefully it is not something to do with pre-eclampsia thingy.

well, Eid Mubarak was celebrated in a moderate way.sis cooked Laksa Johor and am doing all the cleaning.memang dah tak larat nak masak masak.stand too long will causing my legs swollen.we had our family's photos taken in the studio paid by my bro-in-law (thanks to him..hehe..).i will post the photos in this blog or my fotopages later but still haf to wait for my bro-in-law come back from offshore 'cos some of the photos were in his hp.anyway, by just looking at my stomach all the opah2 (ipoh) and tok2 (kedah) were in common agreed that i will deliver earlier.maybe week 37 or week 38.whatever it is, i hope that both myself and my baby will haf a safe deliver moment.cepat atau lambat, it's just a matter of time.the most important is that both of us are healthy and have energy to face the 'situation' together.inshaALLAH.

very soon to be ibu!
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