Thursday, September 25, 2008

i don't know where should i start.this week I already 32 weeks and i am so into the mood raya.and this whole week I haf to settle all the pending reports, tasks and update my superior before going for a long holiday.still haf few reports pending by external labs.tasks pending by my team members.i haf to wait for their updates then only i can update my superior subsequently.

looking at my big tummy, i feel stunned.i can't imagine my tummy will grow that bigger and myself too! hehe.hopefully i can get back my original size before i've got preggie.Mr Hubby seems like can't wait any longer to meet our baby.let it be. let it gives me a pleasure feeling until it comes to the peak moment where i haf to be all out on the said date. anyway, this saturday, myself and Mr Hubby will be going for our last minute shopping.still haf few stuff need to buy.and on the other hand i request Mr Hubby to take me out for a shopping or window shopping 'cos later i will not be going out for 2 months!

this year our Eid Mubarak preparation will be not as meriah as last year.well, last year we just got married and all of our relatives and friends were very keen to visit us.but this year, after Eid, i haf to get ready to deliver my baby.not much cookies i bought.only 6 types of them.seems more or less to be eated by ourselves!haha.

well, i cannot wait any longer to go back to my hometown.this year we will celebrate in ipoh first then will be going back to alor sister and i got so much planning on what we should cook for this Eid Mubarak.

balik kampung!


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