Monday, September 8, 2008

i came across into this blog which i didn't even know it's existence until after i watched a so-called-blogger-interview session at TV1 last night.most of the time i didn't actually so-into-bloggers-interview-session watching as sometimes i feel it such a waste of time.but perhaps ALLAH has something to show me last night.he is so fresh and calm when answering all the questions professionally.i must congratulate him for that.btw, he is not so-high-educated- person.he told us that he learnt ALLAH's ilmu from ustaz to ustaz;from a mosque to a mosque.however, credit has to give to his suggestion for all ulama-ulama to turun padang and see what are really and actually happening in our society right now rather than keep sitting in the offices pretending nothing happen.

Anyway, am still studying his blog to see his thought apart from gaining knowledge if this the way that ALLAH showed me.

Aku selalu ingat akan pesan Kak Arifah, kita mesti sentiasa persiapkan diri kita dengan ilmu, sebelum, selepas dan semasa berumahtangga agar anak-anak dididik dengan sebaik-baik kefahaman ilmu yang ALLAH hidayahkan kepada kita kerana institusi keluargalah yang membentuk masyarakat.


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