Saturday, September 13, 2008

i am waiting for my sister coming to my house while updating my blog.before that i was doing some housekeeping after nearly 2 weeks didn't do it.Mr Hubby was not around, gone back to Melaka with dad for some affair.only tomorrow he will be coming back.however, he managed to leave me alone at home 'cos my sister will be coming here.if not, i haf to go to Melaka too; which am not planning to due to this week i feel a far too much tired.on the other hand, my mom ask me to prepare all the so-called-hospital-admitting-stuff just in case i will be going for the premature deliver; which am not planning too 'cos am not ready for it.however, i still haf to prepare for it 'cos last wednesday i had a bleeding (fresh blood, however..) luckily it is not something to do wif deliver thingy.Mr Hubby was so panicked, and we don't actually prepare anything for that yet.that is the reason why i feel a far too much tired this week.hopefully it will recover soon.

well, Mr Hubby and myself were planning to do a housekeeping this weekend unfortunately we don't haf time for i just do a small housekeeping such as sweeping and cleaning.i will not vacuum the floor anymore.i had a bad experience whereby i was around 4~5months of pregnancy and am still doing this vacuum thingy.after doing it, i felt a severe pain at the back which i cannot sit, lie down or stand.since that day, Mr Hubby will do all the vacuum thingy in our home.i must thank him for that.well, i already did!hehe..

so here i am, waiting for my sister and her son and we will be having our own plan for today.their stuff just arrived last week from Leeds and i believe they need to unpack that.i cannot wait for the McLaren stroller and the baby carrier.hehe.siap import dari Uk tak tahan tuu..well, i think i just get back for sweeping then..

anyway, i guess i will be missing Mr Hubby for this weekend for not seeing his faces and hear his voices, at least alive...


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