Friday, February 22, 2008


Okay.. today we have stock count but am not involve with it at all.
So what do i do? bukak kedai kopi kat dalam ofis dengan kawan-kawan..hehe..
Boss was not around.. went to Penang for a business trip..
So i feel a little bit relieve.

This week I've heard a so-called-history-breaking-resignation. Mana taknya, 6 orang sekaligus nak resign. Pastu 4 of them are from QA dept (my dept!!).. 3 engineers plus 1 S.E. Am not sure kenapa ramai sangat nak resign this time. Better offer? not happy with boss? Looking for new exposure? What everlah.. malas nak ambik tahu.. Obviously, aku pun ada rasa nak tukar keja, new environment, but when come to think back again, am afraid if i might get the so-called-not-get-along-together-boss and definitely am not ready for it. It is a little bit boring with my Management System auditing thingy, but, am getting to build my confidence day by day especially when it comes to audit day (customer or surveillance). I learn how to talk professionally with customers and auditors. And, ada jugak belajar sikit sikit macamane nak "taichi" orang.. hahahahaha.. part "taichi" orang ni memang menarik.. boss jugak yg ajar.. huhu..
kadang kadang diri sendiri pun kena "taichi" dengan boss.. hahah.. well, we learnt from boss, rite?

So, am still thinking where should we go for a vacation. My hubby wants to go to Bali.. eish eish.. sungguhlar aku tak mahu ke sana. Well, we've got lots of destination actually waiting for us. Or in other words, we're gonna use all the MAS travelling scheme benefit while it's still lasting for this year, of course. August this year dapat new staff ticket scheme. Well, I guess I have to list down places that I want to go!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


bosan bosan bosan...
what else to do...?
feel like want to discover new things and new ideas...
travel?? of course but that can only be done after April onwards..
hopefully we can make it this time.. and overseas obviously..
bosanlar asyik travel dalam Malaysia je..
travel pun masih lagi ingat kerja.. eish eish..
i really need a LONG Holiday.. really LONG...
tired and exhausted..

rasa macam nak ubah position of furniture kat dalam rumah..
maybe that one can make me feel a little bit better and feel homey..
dunno why, after married, aku ni amatlar suka mengemas rumah..
macam dah apply 5S kat ofis tu kat dalam rumah...
haii... actually tengah fikir nak masak ape tengahari ni ...
something yg boleh release rasa sakit tekak dan batuk ni..
soup will be great, i think..

mumbling macam orang tua laks..
oklar.. straight away nak masak lunch..

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