Friday, January 4, 2008


Assalamualaikum everyone...
a new look for a new blog..
just make some changes on my blog appearances (eish.. kuar jugak ayat2 quality system aku..).

Sorry for a brief hiatus. Something is up with my family. My sister just got back home, apparently not for good, but for a vacation and renewing visas. So, my timetable was really packed and it's going to be more pack within this month. Well, actually I'm updating the blog in the office! hehe.. i know.. i was about to "break the glass" or i already did! First quarter is the so-called honeymoon quarter. Meeting sana sini. Set-up goals, activities, improvement plan for the said year. So, start from 2nd Jan haritu, aku dah ada 4 meetings, 2 meetings in this week, another will be in next week. I'm the organizer for all the said meetings. Jumble-up jugak dengan study for the improvement plan. AlhamduLILLAH, team members semuanya understanding and all of us looking forward to achieve the goals and target. Anyway, enough about works. Ini semua perkara dunia.

Better for me focus more on akhirat..
Life with my husband is getting far more better than last year. Previous year both of us not really focus on family development, I would say last year both of us kelam kabut. For those baru kahwin, they know lar.. sape yg baru nak kahwin tu perhaps tak berapa faham maksud ini. My daily routine after get back from work will focus on house management, i.e.: cooking, washing, cleaning the house bla bla bla.. basically I'll do what are the fulltime housewives doing. But, my husband is so understanding. Once dia nampak aku terlalu busy, he will offer his hands. We also focus more on "rohaniah" development. Once you get married, you are already completed half of your religion and the other half is only your worship to HIM. After got married, i feel more easier to worship HIM. Everything getting more easier once you are sincerely, delightedly (with patience) worshiping HIM. Or in other word, when you dengar cakap husband you and worship to HIM sincerely, do all the obligations, everything will be fine.

Alright. That's the thing I can share with all of you at the moment. Feel free to share anything with me.



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